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Jasper Publications understands sales. We are proud to offer the premier sales audio program, "Jump Start Your Sales." "Jump Start Your Sales" is 12 audio lessons that improve sales skills by using an ensemble of talented actors and humorous dialogue to make learning fun. Make these lessons a part of your sales meetings and watch your team come together with renewed skills and focus.

We also offer live seminars and speaker programs.

Jasper Publications is here to help you Jump Start Your Sales, whether your organization needs training materials, a speaker for your next department meeting or conference.

By popular demand, individual topics from the Jump start Your Sales series are now available as MP3 downloads. Click here for a complete list of subjects, from cold calling to how to close the deal.


"Concise yet comprehensive, this audio sales program gets down to the really important stuff without all of the fluff. Caroline uses a good measure of humor to make the learning and review of basic sales skills fun.

This tape set is the gem of my audio library."

Randall Cargill, Sales Manager for Santo Tomas, Ashbrook Communities
An Audio Program To Build Sales Skills
by Caroline Pfouts

These 12 audio lessons improve sales skills using a talented ensemble of actors and humorous banter to make learning fun. Enjoy listening to these lessons alone or play them for your sales staff. Make these lessons part of your sales meetings and see your group come together with renewed focus, teamwork and vigor. A great review of the skills every sales person needs.
...How Jim Backus' Wife Did It
by Henny Backus

Best-selling author Henny Backus cared for her husband, actor Jim Backus through his 10-year bout with Parkinson's disease. In "Care for the Caretaker, How Jim Backus' Wife Did It," Henny shares her experience and guidance with compassion and wit. "Care for the Caretaker" is a book for everyone who has or knows someone who has a loved one who is suffering with a serious illness.