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Care for the Caretaker, How Jim Backus' Wife Did It
by Henny Backus

Best-selling author Henny Backus cared for her husband, actor Jim Backus ("Mr. Magoo," "Gilligan's Island," "Rebel Without a Cause"), through his 10-year bout with Parkinson's disease. In "Care for the Caretaker, How Jim Backus' Wife Did It," Henny shares her experience and guidance with compassion and wit. "Care for the Caretaker" offers practical caregiving suggestions (take the aluminum walker into the shower) as well as advice on handling the emotional challenges of caring for an ill loved one. In easy-to-read, human terms, Henny gives ideas that will benefit both the patient and the caregiver. "Care for the Caretaker" is a book for everyone who has or knows someone who has a loved one who is suffering with a serious illness.

"Warm and Touching" — Sidney Sheldon.

"['Care for the Caretaker'] is a simple, readable book that can be of great benefit to others who may find themselves in the role of caretaker. An intimate glimpse into lives that glow with hope and deep love. It is a book to be read by all who care - - about themselves and their loved ones."
— Jack Lemmon.

"This wonderful book is the Bible for anyone caring for a Parkinson Patient. Henny covered everything. It is beautifully and simply written."
— Phyllis Diller

"If you are facing an unpredictable [medical] crisis — this tender love story of Jim and Henny Backus may be just the answ..."
— Al Hirschfeld

"More than 'a guide' to caring for a seriously ill loved one, Henny Backus shows us how to find the strength, the joy, the laughter to do it with deep love. I cried and laughed and found the spirit of this book an inspiration to any of us that may now or someday find ourselves 'caregivers.'"
— Arthur Hiller

"An extraordinary mixture of love and courage, "Care for the Caretaker" raises all the issues and tells you how to deal with them."
— Sherwood Schwartz, creator of "Gilligan's Island."

"'Care for the Caretaker, How Jim Backus' Wife Did It' is absolute must reading for anyone who has an ill spouse or an aging parent. The book is educational with the Backus wit."
— James Bacon, veteran Hollywood columnist.

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